Thursday, August 31, 2006

Dont Answer The Phone!!!!

Man how dumb could we get????? Why do we have to try multitasking at every opportunity we get?

So what brought upon this tirade you ask....well yesterday our car was crashed into by this college kid who was talking on his mobile when he was driving.
Yes he did apologize and he did pay for the damages but this isn’t the end of the topic is it?? What’s the guarantee that he won’t do it again??? N’ who’s to say that this time he would be lucky enough to survive with only a dent on the car.

Is it so important to take a call when we’re driving and if so why can’t we just stop our vehicle and then answer the call?

Life is short, so why are we trying to make it shorter????

I think the government needs to come up with some stringent rules to ban cell phone use while driving. A study that was published in the New England Journal of Medicine more than four years ago stated these findings: "Drivers are four times as likely to crash when talking on a phone -- about the same chances as a legally drunk driver has -- and three times as likely when talking on a "hands-free" phone".

It’s really sad to think that our lives lie in the hands of a moron out there who could not resist answering a call while driving. So please "Don’t Answer the Phone!!!!!"

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