Thursday, December 07, 2006

Friends Forever!!!!!

spent the coffee break today by regaling Shilpa with some of my college…no hostel stories to be precise. The 5 years that I spent there was hands down the best time of my life!!!! I met 4 of my best friends there and don’t think there is a day when their names don’t come up in my conversation.Got all nostalgic thinking about the crazy wonderful things we have done.....

Our hangout: Room No 134, Kanya Hostel
Date: Oct 1998- Dec 2003
The Gang:
Hemlata = Bold and full of energy, was called DON by everyone in college. A typical Mumbai gal, always ready to try anything.I must thank her for my explicit knowledge in bad words:):). She always had the best selection of clothes, she made the worst coffee ever and managed to irk most of our seniors. She was an expert in ragging and was always the centre of attraction everywhere.She could be pretty stubborn and we clashed on the silliest and stupidest topics (remember the fight in first yr, where we dint speak for two months...I cant even remember y we fought:):)), but must say she is one gr8 friend.

Soumya = wacky and crazy, forever the butt of most of our jokes. Poor gal also got beaten up a lot by Hem n I.( sorry som but u did deserve it at when we played cards:):), remember) She was also the one with the stupidest sense of humor and the worst handwriting of all time. She slept in class with her eyes open and wrote notes in Tulu:):). She also got pinched the most during our journeys from Dharwad to Hubli and back:):) (still don’t know y this happened to her!!!) She always made us laugh :):)All her studying was last min and she had like a million likes and dislikes. WE hated it when she fell ill, cause she would get all cranky. Need a smile, just spend some time with Soumya!!!:):)

Shruthi = cool and calm. She was the voice of reason in our gang…but then there were days when she went just plain crazy!!! She spoke the least most times and usually gave us one of her sweet innocent smiles(even when she was up to no good:):) n no one believed us when we told that she was the instigator of any prank (remember the first yr tap inaugration:):)). We usually went to her to air our grievances and eventhough she dint give much advice just speaking to her helped:) She is an amazing dancer n I will always be in awe of her:), She is the ideal eg for good things come in small packages:)

Shwetha = An absolute sweetheart. Extremely laidback except during the exams…when she would just absolutely loose it and would get all tense. My bench partner from first year, she was kinda my eyes cause i never could see the OHP sheets clearly and she read them out for me. She loved to sleep and is one person who absolutely refused to dance during our parties.She usually got us pretty good gossip from the seniors wing cause she was the only one from our class who stayed in that side of the hostel:):). She will always be in your corner no matter what.

Dee = me…don’t think I should write much about myself cause I will surely get atleast 4 mails saying that I was lying about everything. guess I was the BBC (or DBC as Som likes to call me) of the group. Usually got the news about what was cooking in out other classmates rooms:):). Well anyways think i was just as bad n as good as the rest of the gang.(this is my blog n I just cant bad mouth myself now can I???:):)

We had the craziest nickname…for eg: we were the original spice hema was chili, Soumya=pepper, Shruthi=elachi, Shwetha=cardamom and me=ginger :):)…the next year we decided to name ourselves based on the first letters of the name of the guys whome we had a crush on (I know, I know sounds complicated and dumb doesn’t it,,,esp since som, hem n me had a crush on every other guy in college and shruthi just dint like any of the guys…poor gal we forced a name on her too!!!! Cant believe we were so stupid:):)

We also had some weird traditions on our bdays for eg: where the bday gal would bring a Black Forest cake n then we would lock our room door and eat the cake before anyone caught us eating it (we dint want to share u see:):))….well we usually enjoyed the whole sneakiness of the event more than the cake.

Have had the most fun talking and doing absolutely nothing with these gals. Had some of the most unforgettable incidents with them( remember the 800 mts race Som, the horrible Rose day celebrations:):), the super coorg trip, oh ya "A" visit to room 134 at 12 in the nite:):)...the list just goes on n' on n' on........:):) We had our bad days, when we absolutely hated each other but think the good days totally out numbered the bad ones:):)

But the fact remains that every time v talk or meet, we just get back to where we had let off the last time:):)...its like we were always meant to be friends, and hopefully will always remain friends no matter how far away we are.

Well anyways, back to the present....
Hem has been married for nearly 3 yrs and settled in New york n is also planning to do higher studies.
Som is working in london and is a super busy person nowadays( well u better reply to my mails som!!!!)
Shruth has been married for more than 2 yrs and blessed with an adorable baby boy, Taran who is presently keeping her real busy:)
Shweth is on the verge of giving her PG of luck gal!!!
n' Me, well I am engaged to a really really nice guy and am working in beautiful Blore n loving every minute of my life.

U gals r the best...muah:):)

"Even though we've changed and we're all finding our own place in the world, we all know that when the tears fall or the smile spreads across our face, we'll come to each other because no matter where this crazy world takes us, nothing will ever change so much to the point where we're not all still friends"

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