Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Lage Raho James Bhai!!!!

Ok so the title sounds confusing right...thats cause I saw both these movies during this weekend.
Both movies are a must see for any self respecting movie fan :):)

So let me start at the beginning:):)
Lage Raho Munna this one just cannot be is a gem of a movie which not only makes u laugh but also makes u think. Very few movies being made with this combination nowadays :)
Each n every actor has done a superb job, be it Munna n Circuit(who I think should have a movie series of his own) or Boman Irani as the mean Lucky Singh. The movie is just so ...complete:):)..well in other words I loved it!!!!Hope there is another Munna bhai movie soon:):)..though with Sanjay Dutt in jail dont see that hapenning...there could be no other Munna!!!

Coming to Casino Royale, well first n foremost---DANIEL CRAIG ROCKS....he is one of the best James Bond ever(the other being the amazing Sean Connery)
The movie as such doesnt really have a big plot or something..but it is just such a pleasure to watch that man..:):)..the way he walks, u can see i can go on and on about him:):) I am so in awe of him...he has the privilege to be right next to george clooney in my list of hunks:):) and to get a place as my screensaver:):)

Well anyways, coming to the movie...its good esp the action sequences. Will be waiting to watch the next instalment for sure.

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