Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Marriage is presently the topic of discussion for me n my friend since both of us got engaged recently...v have had people giving us advice---wanted n unwanted...people telling us what to expect---as if we dont have enough apprehensions already :):)
well anyways I just found this wonderful write up on marriage n when i showed it to mom...all she told me was that it made a whole lot of now that ma has vouched for it, I have decide to put it up on my blog...after all she does have 30 yrs experience :)
i have no clue who the author is...

Of all our most important relationships "marriage" is the trickiest. Its the relationship we enter with the most expectations!! we have plenty of ideas how it ought to be and thats not bad, but we need a sense of wonder too...
Be eager to make discoveries---about yourself and about each other and about marriage itself.

There will be times when your life together is so different from your expectations that anger may result and its during these times that you should remember the friendship and love that brought you here and remember that you came with a great desire to make life easier for each other!!!

Oh ya had to add this in the end, cause i think this makes sense too--- "Marriages are made in heaven, so are thunder and lightning :):)" -----Clint Eastwood

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