Friday, December 01, 2006

Here's to Us!!!!

A very special post to a wonderful person...who just makes me sooo happy everyday.. (ok so I dont sound so mushy everyday..guess I really must be happy to be writing all this:):))

Just two months ago, on my bday, I was blissfully unaware about how my life would change, n' in just a matter of 3 days I was engaged...belive me I spent quite a few days freaking out, questioning what I had done...wondering if i had taken the right decision.

It dint really help matters that we dint get much time with each other n' that we lived in two different continents:):)...guess my biggest fear was how would we keep in touch???Oh yes, I do know how advanced technology is nowadays...n' that I dont really need to send msgs via kabootar mail:):)...but was still worried.

Well without boring anyone with the details....all I can say is that we managed just was surreal and nerve racking the first few days....but the one thing that remained constant was the comfort level we shared.

A total stranger two months ago and now such an integral part of my life:):)

He is undoubtedly one of the nicest person I have ever known n' no matter how bad a day I have...I know I have something wonderful to look forward to:):)...Yes it does sound like I am writing this a little too soon...but then it was sixth sense that made me tell yes to C after just an hour of knowing him and well the same sixth sense tells me that we are gonna be just fine!!!There will be a lots of times when we are gonna get on each others nerves...but we will make it!!!!(no harm in being optimistic, is there??)

Its been a wonderful two months and I look forward to annoying him for the rest of my life:):)

Life's Good!!!(or maybe I should have typed All Good...what say C???)

PS: when i wrote my first post about my engagement (Solumate)...think I sounded confident just becoz I wasnt feeling too confident(reverse psychology you see)...but today I know what I wrote is what I feel....thanx to a certain old man:):)(well this is more of a personal dont bother trying to make sense of it)

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