Sunday, December 24, 2006

La La La....:):)

Listening to songs is the best way to spend time according to ur's truely:):)...English.Hindi,Kannada,Tamil...any language will do:)
My present favourites would have to be Barso Re from Guru and Kya Mujhe Pyar Hai from Woh Lamhe.

Barso Re ...this song has everything in it to make it a one of A.R.Rahmans best composition ...wonderful music, Shreya Ghoshal's amazing voice and super lyrics...
"geeli geeli maati, geeli maati ke aa grounde banayenge re
hari hari ambi, ambi ke daali ke joole julayenge re"
...words that reminds me of my ajji's home in mangalore immidietly:):)...the rains in mlore are relentless but the sight that greeted us when we woke up each morning was amazing...the whole garden looked green and clean...dont think I have the right words to explain the was simply amazing!!!!
Well the song sounds super and am sure it will make everyone nostalgic:)

Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai ....the music aint the best but I think KK just nails the whole song with his super voice....the lyrics are pretty romantic just like a typical hindi movie song
"Tum kyu chale aathe ho,har roz in kwabho mein,
Chupke se aa bhi jaao, Ek din mere baahon mein:):)"
...but the reason I think I like this song is 'cause bollywood seems to be having a dearth of nice hummable songs nowadays and this song is pretty much an exception:)


Anderton said...

Here's the video from Barso Re :

accidental diva said...

Thanx french is pretty shaky,so cant really read ur blog...but looks like ur a movie fan like me..cheers:)

Anderton said...

Yep! Love the movies baaad but I don't know well what we call here "Bollywood movies" although there was a festival in Paris and it was a big success.
I should ask my godfather's wife to lend me some DVD : she's Indian.
The few Indian movies I've watched were from Satyajit Ray.
What kind of films do you like?
I'd like to create a bilingual movie blog with posts from international correspondents : hey, if you feel like talking about the last movie you've seen or something related to the movie industry (Indian or not), feel free to leave a message on CineBlogywood! Take care.