Sunday, December 17, 2006

Momsie n' Popsie Darling :):)

When ever I am jobless over the weekends, I spend time searching Ma's cupboard drawers...they usually are a treasure trove 'cause ma is a pack rat...she never throws away anything...ever!!!!:):)

well anyways...found this card that I had sent to my parents many yrs ago from hostel...this card has some amazing words and think I should have them on my blog

"Dear Mom and Dad
They say that people are getting back to the basics....returning to home and family.
I guess they're discovering what we've known all along....theres' nowhere else you can feel so much at ease, so loved and so accepted as in the arms of family.
We know that we are guarenteed a great time when we get together.
We have so many wondeful memories and standard family jokes to share over and over again......And there's something comforting in the predictability
I feel very lucky to be a part of a family that is so warm and sharing.
Alarie Tennile"

I had also scribbled in some words of my own in the card..that stand true even today
"Dearest Ma n' Pa,...I cant find the words to thank both of you for filling my lives with dreams that are coming true and with beautiful memories I will always cherish forever n ever"

Dont think I have to write this, but still just to proclaim my love to the best parents ever out loud:):)

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diana said...

very sweet