Monday, January 01, 2007


2006 was a pretty good year for began with me spending the day with 2 great friends and ofcourse we also have a super photo to remind us of that day forever....

These are some of the good things that happened to me this year...
Made a new super friend--Shilpa
Travelled to chennai and delhi 2 places I had not visited before
Lost weight:):):)
Went live on radio(even if it was for reporting a traffic jam:):)
Won a prize on radio(even though I never got to claim it:(:(
Got myself a tv,a car:)
Did not lose my temper...too often:)
Did prty well at work (but think its time to leave now)
Learnt a little bit of cooking:)(though my mom would surely not agree on this:)
met my close friend and her little baby boy..Taran is so cute:)
Started writing my blog:)
Watched lots of movie:):)
and finally nearing the year end I got engaged:):)

There were a few sad n frustrating moments in 2006 too,like
....when my dad fell ill
....when three of my great friends moved away from blore---miss u som,apu n tanu:(
....hurting my knee during the mlore trip:(
....the 8 hr wait in Delhi airport:(

Well all in all it was a good year and well here's wishing this year is even better:)

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