Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sleepless in Bangalore!!!

Well its 1.30 am n I cant sleep!!!
It looks like the gal who loved nothing better than her 7 hrs of beauty sleep has become an insomniac:(:(

Pic from communityschools UK

I dont like this on the time I fall asleep its morning n mom's grumbling about me not waking up!!!:( ...
have tried tons of tricks to fall asleep from
-----counting sheeps, tigers, goats.... the guest list for the wedding:):)
----- hot milk (with haldi/ honey...n every other thing I could think of)
----- listening to music, the soft soothing kind:)
----- breathing exercises( even thought he word exercise gives me the heebie jeebies:):)
-----covering my face with a blanket (lol, I know that seems like a stupid idea, but I am at my wits end here!! hopefully I wont end up suffocating myself :):)

I need help people...anyone who has some gharelu nuska or tried n tested formula to cure insomnia (other than sleeping tablets ie.)...please, please let me know:):)
I know how cheesy the title of this post is...but then so late at night...I dont think I could have come up with anything better:):) n Sleepless in Seattle is one of my favourite movies:):)

Was planning to try this with my do you think they will react???:):)


Smi said...

Looks like someone has "Love fever"! :-))
Thoughts of ur fiance keeping u awake all night eh?!:-))
(Sheesh, sorry for sounding so cheesy, but just couldn't resist it!)

accidental diva said...

I'm sure my fiance wishes this was the case:):)

N well everyone sound cheesy nowadays...think it goes with the "To be married soon" status:):)

Thanai said...

Try any book on Management. Financial Integrity might really put you to sleep. It always works when I try to study for the exams. So it must work for you. Any book, best results if you try to read it to not sleep.

accidental diva said...

Hey thanx for the idea thanai...think I shud open my anatomy text book...will surely fall asleep:)

N thax for visiting my blog:)