Saturday, April 28, 2007

Just thinking!!

Warning: I'm been in a weird sate of mind for the past few days (yes this happens to me from time to time :) Guess I have just been thinking too much. A simple everyday conversation with some one made me write this post!!! So if you don’t want to end up getting depressed maybe you should skip this post :):)

Why do we always need to please people...Why is appreciation is so important??? Why is it that no matter how much you try, you can never please some people n even though you have done a wonderful job or tried your level best....they somehow make your attempts feel inadequate.

Its easy to say..."I don’t give a damn"...."Who the hell cares what he/she thinks"...but the fact remains that without that person's appreciation somehow a job well done ends up feeling incomplete. It just becomes so difficult to think from the head as the heart ends up ruling your thoughts here ....n the hurt remains...the tears continue!!!

PS: for those of you who know...yes I can be introspective...n I ain't as shallow as I act:):)

On a more upbeat note:
My darlin' sister in law just got engaged n I am totally thrilled for her

"May this be the beginning of a wonderful life together Su...muah:)"


Shyam said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!
You have written some interesting stuff. Will drop by sometime in future too. Keep writing.

temporary insanity said...

hey babe, whts this... i am gone one day, and u sound sooo.... down.ok ok, dnt scream, stop this silly ranting, and yes, al of us who know u, know that u aren't shallow!!!! so get a grip and look up! remember u keep telling me that all will b fine, welll u just need to listen to yourself....
cant write more, though i can write a whole page on why u shld stop this ranting...get off u're --- and gte down to some reading or painting, or just sit and write me a long missing home all of a sudden!!!

and this word verification stuff sucks!!

accidental diva said...

thanx for visiting my blog:)do drop in sometime:)

Hey dont worry babe...been on one of my trips down regret lane lately:):)...hence the post...All better now:):)

aparna said...

hey dee..sorry..m postin this comment a lil late!but then better late than never!lol.itotally empathise with the statement..wanting to keep everyone happy..i guess it makes us more secure,,knowing that we are not responsible for whatever screw up s happening at the mo!lol...i m sure u got my point...maybe one day we ll wake up n realise that we dont have enuf middle fingers to show the world!!!!!!lol...oops...delete this !!!!!