Monday, May 28, 2007


I’ve been tagged...Yaa yaa:):)

Ok, Ok...why the excitement you ask...oh well I used forever read these blogs n envy people for being tagged...according to my weird logic that proved someone other than their family was reading their blog:):):) lol

I finally feel like I have finally arrived on the blogosphear....thanx smi:):):)

Ok so without further ado...this is the tag...I'm supposed to say 9 things about which one is a lie. So can u spot the not???? :):):)
(oh ya, the topic of this tag is simply super....cause I like nothing better than talking about myself!!!:)

1. There’s nothing I like better than to dance..esp. on stage. It’s the biggest adrenalin rush I could ever get! I have learnt classical dance for a few years though I do regret not completing my arengetram. I can dance for hours untiringly...n have been known to break into a jig..any place, anytime:)

2. I am addicted to potato chips!!!yup, i did give up on my favourite thing for a few mths when I had gained wt...but now, I m back savouring every chip I can:):):) have been addicted to them for as long as I can remember...n according to me, potato chips should be considered as a food group by itself:):)

3. I can talk nonstop...serious. My friends have always told me that this is the most endearing part of my personality...its a different matter they also think I am crazy cause I can talk even when no one else is listening:):) Other than that I can also be the most irritatingly happy person around during festivals n bdays:):)...

4. I have studied in 4 different schools during my ten yrs of schooling. 2 in Bangalore, one in Nigeria n one in Mangalore :):)the only thing that dint change...I was called a every school:):)

5. I love sketching n painting. I started a few yrs ago n absolutely enjoy doing this. The only negetive..if I start a painting, I need to complete it then n there, even if it means putting other important things in the backseat:):)

6. I am a damn good singer :):) and have won lots of competitions. Hopefully I will get recognized for this someday :)

7. I am terrified of the dark n absolutely believe in ghosts. There have been days when I have walked out of my room in the middle of the night n gone n slept in my parents room because of a nightmare.....I have no clue how to get over this fear..guess its just gonna be a part of me forever:):)

8. I act like a cynic but the fact remains that I’m an absolute sucker for a romantic comedy movies:)….I think I have watched most of the corny movies ever made n also I tend to cry when I watch them…esp. at the endings, u know when the misunderstanding gets sorted out n the couple walk off into the sunset to live happily ever after…sniff (someone give me tissue) :):):)

9. My biggest dream till date has to be to travel around the whole world n also sponsor a trip for my parents to any place they want to visit.......someday, I will:):)

So there, I’m done writing 9 things abt myself , never thought this could be so tough!!!!
I wonder how many of u can guess which one of these is a lie…..

N' the lucky ones to be tagged by me are...

Temporary Insanity






Orchid said...

I have been tagged by 3 people to do this tag....will do it :)
# 6 is untrue :)
and I am originally form South Kanara too :)

Smi said...

I go with Orchid..I don't think #6 is true either :)

Life Rocks!!! said...

I bet no. 6 is a know what you sound a lot like me..I too cry for all the silly movies people call nonsense!!

accidental diva said...

smi n' orchid
che...looks like I am a terrible liar.everyone got it right!!!but mind u, I am a damn good BATHROOM singer:):):)

Life rocks
Yup ur right too...n its good to know I aint the only one crying during these movies:):)
Thanx for dropping by:)

Sugar n Spice said...

No.6 Dee,no doubts on that one at all!!!Great!Now I have to find people to tag but thanks!!

Little Miss Muffet said...

i would have guessed #6 too :)

Anonymous said...

#6 is not true