Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'm Back:):)

Hello... hello....

Its been a nice long break:)

Anyways the diva is back, reporting live from Melbourne....which has to be the coldest place I have ever visited:):)....ok, ok I agree I haven’t been to too many places but seriously, the toughest part about moving here has to be getting used to this four seasons in a day!!!!

Guess, I have to stop cribbing about the about this...after all it is excellent weather for a newlywed ..what say *wink wink*:):)

So rewinding to June 28th....the wedding went off wonderfully. I began the day terrified with my decision to get married but by the end of the day, think I was way too tired to be scared:):)

I actually had to look at the video to rehash what happened that day:):)...that’s what happens when too many people show up at your wedding:):)

A week into the wedding n’ I was in a flight to the land down under. We had a wonderful welcome by C’s friends (who went to the trouble of having an aarthi n even made us drink lots of milk..atleast I drank most of it:):)

It has taken me sometime to get used to the mummy to wake me up everyday, not that I mind being woken up by C:):)
Think the biggest adjustment has to be the cooking....C is an excellent cook..n’ good ol’ me, well I'm still learning.
Right now I’m just thankful that I have still not burnt down the place n’ all that I cooked until now has been pretty good:):) not bad for a novice huh!!:)

Melbourne as such seems like a beautiful city...a lot of old world charm...super public transportation, tons of cafes,bistros, an amazing array of resturants...huge malls... :):) As I see more of it…will surely be writing more post about the city.
I still miss home, my folks, anna n blore city in general...but then I guess I've just gotta get used to this.....:)

Well don’t think the post will be complete without me writing about my husband of 18 days:):)...well, he sure turned out to be better than I expected :):) with the craziest sense of humor...he is the sweetest!!! :)

PS: am sure the opinion might change when v fight or have an argument…until then…he is the sweetest!!!:):)


educatedunemployed said...

Congratulations! Looking forward to hearing all about Australia. :)

Bro Poonja :) said...

DOnno about being woken up by mom or "C" ... But then it was never pleasant when i woke you up :P

Miss ya sis !!!

Life Rocks!!! said...

australia looks like where all the romance is these days!!

Zee said...

wow since i'm visiting for the first time, i take it that u've moved to aussie land??

rachana kunder said...

good luck wit the cookin,gal!!!! guess, even i hav to go throu it in some time...eager to hear more 4m u....

accidental diva said...

thanx n I will be posting more abt melbourne soon:)

missin u too bro!!!

@life rocks..
not too sure abt others...but there sure is some romance happening here:):)

Thanx for dropping by..I just moved to melbourne from bangalore.

hey u sure have to go thru all this...though do try n move here in the summer:)