Saturday, June 21, 2008

Back to School!

I'm back in uni after a looooong time..n' it feels super!!:):)

I had one of the best times of my life during my college days..could be becoz I've always been a nerd:)..I do like studying n' also I had the most amazing group of friends..which helped a lot.

I've already made a few great minded gals..with a similar sense of humor,which believe me, is important:)

Hopefully being around all these studious people..puts me back in the mood to study!

In other news..its almost a year since we got married...time sure the problem is..I'm total blank on what to get for C.Its just so difficult to buy gifts for men!! Oh well, hopefully I'll think of something in the next week!

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Asha said...

Congratulations! My daughter is staring U this Aug too although she is still a 12th grader, as visiting HS student among the regular freshman college students! I bet it's fun!:))

A good Cologne would be nice for him if he likes those ie!
Enjoy, have a candle light dinner, Who cares about gifts!:D