Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Home is where.....?

Its been a busy 5 weeks for parents were here on a visit. It was a wonderful trip n' I got to eat all of ma's yummy dishes:)
Now that they have left,the house feels so empty..makes me realize how much I want to go back to India n' live somewhere close to family!!...oh well,guess that feeling will never gonna go away!!
We traveled to New Zealand during their visit and believe me..there is no adjectives to describe its beauty.I wanted to stay there forever:):)
...oh what a dilemma-Bangalore,Australia or New Zealand--lol:):)

The attached photo is of Lake Wakatipu-Queenstown

got loads of other pictures..wish i could upload them all:)

In other news,my blog seems to be bombarded my spam comments...does anyone have any idea how to stop this.I do have a comment moderator on,so all the comments appear in my mailbox.But I want to stop these anonymous comments all together--any suggestions??


Jessy said...

Newzealand seems like a great choice :)

Ria Mathew said...

Hiya! Saw your comment on my blog. Could you leave us an e-mail at asweetpunch AT gmail DOT com.

Thank you for joining us!!