Thursday, October 05, 2006


Have’nt been able to post anything for sometime now…initially it was just me being lazy but last week ended up being a very eventful week in my life....I got engaged :)

It kinda happened like a movie…met the guy for 1 hour and ended up making the most important decision of my life. My friends were pretty much shocked when I called them to inform about the engagement.

How could I decide if the guy is right for me in just one meeting???? If he was the soulmate I dreamt of after reading all those mills n’ boons novel (lol).
So I Decided to do a Wikipedia search for soul mate n this is what it said....
"SOULMATE (or soul mate) is a term sometimes used to designate someone with whom one has a feeling of deep and natural affinity, friendship,love,intimacy/sexuality and/or compatibility."

I somehow feel that Wikipeidia got it,intimacy etc all come’s the compatibility and friendship that matters. I never felt awkward or out of place when I was talking to C during the very first meeting n' that made a huge differnce in the way I felt about him.
Having agreed for an arranged marriage a long time ago…my biggest fear about meeting this prospective bridegroom (sounds scary does’nt it) was whether I could be myself n' with C, I could :0.

So is he my soulmate???…I don’t know n' I really don’t care, I do know that I like him...enjoy talking to him....and most importantly that he makes me happy :)

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