Friday, October 06, 2006

Thank Ya Gals!!!

Wikipedia( which as u people must have guessed by now,is my present favorite site)describes the word FRIEND as "A title, expressing by the originally personal notion of friendship proximity or confidence towards a high authority (ruler, judge.) which had been turned into a formal status, even a rank, rather then an emotional bond, as in such court ranks"(cant belive that wiki actually had such a horrid description of something as wonderful as FRIEND).

Ok so I dint understand a word of what that means so,have decided to write exactly how I feel about my friends in my own words...
...People whome I call friends for me, represent the part of my life that is forever young…I say this because no matter how old I get or feel, after spending some time with my friends I always leave feeling refreshed, happy n ten times younger than my actual age :)Believe me ,there is no age defying cream or moisturizer that can work as well as a cup of coffee with close friends…..

Having changed schools a number of times, I never really had many friends n’ I actually thought this was normal...all this changed once I got into college. Staying away from my parents for the first time I realized that if I did not make some friends quick life would be miserable...n’ I consider myself very lucky 'cause not only did I make loads of friends I even found a handful who have ended up becoming a essential part of my life.

Its been a few years since I have pased out fom college n' all of us are busy with our own lives but I do know that whenever I feel sad,happy,grumpy, otherwords anytime I need them...they will always be there for me.

So here’s to u…. hema,soumya,shweta,shruthi,apu and tanu….u gals are the best n' I pray that u will always be a part of my life….Love ya all…muah!!!

Oh ya…how can I forget shilpa…havent known u for long gal…but the day I met u I knew "This could be the the Beginning of a Beautiful"..but seriously..thank you for being there..stay the same :)


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aparna said...

hey doll,,,love u tooooo..loads n loads..n all that u wrote goes ur way too.m jus bein