Sunday, November 05, 2006

Happy Me :)

I write a diary and have been adding on to this list of things that make me happy for a long time.Every few days I remember somthing new and add it to my list.
The best part about the list is that I actually end up feeling happy everytime I read it cause it reminds me of something or somebody precious to me :)

I updated my list today n' decided to post it on my blog....maybe people who read it will start making their own list ...

Things that make me Happy
Old Photographs
Being wished on my b'day
Dancing with Papa
Flowers n more flowers
Having people laugh on my jokes
Spending time with mom
Being in my room
Posing for photos :)
Watching reruns of F.R.I.E.N.D.S
Giggling with my friends
Eating Lays :)
Having someone tell me that I've lost weight
An unexpected smile from anyone
Reading my old autograph books
Spending time with my brother
Work!! well sometimes it makes me happy :)
Trying on clothes
When Hema comes up with a new name for me...everytime we chat:)
Intelligent conversation
Reading my Diary
Outings with aps n tanu
Discussing a good novel
Well read people
Eating popcorn while watching a movie
Painting or sketching
Having a chat with old friends
Being right
Old hindi songs
Frank people
Irritating papa
Eating ice cream....anytime,anywhere
George Clooney :)
Watching romantic comedy movies
The colours blue,pink and orange
Being loved and wanted
Junk jewellry
My collegues
Good news
Talking about my hostel days
Comic books
Missed Calls from Su.
Coffee breaks at work
Eating chilli chicken prepared by mom---yum
When Dyuthi gives me a hug and a flying kiss.
Teddy bears
Long earings
Being appreciated for who I am
Talking to C

Will keep updating this post as n when i remember somthing new n happy!!!

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temporary insanity said...

hey stupid and contagious, thats the ideal name for u, and that makes me smile and happy...