Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I have always had an opinion on how bangalore is becoming worse day by day. The pollution,traffic, roads are all secondary the reason I crib the most about is that we just dont seem to find any bangaloreans in b'lore...I am sure everyone knows what I mean!!! No matter how much you try and speak Kannada... Hindi n' Tamil seems to have become a more commonly used language here.I keep giving gyaan to all me friends how we should talk more in Kannada and show our support of the Kannada language etc etc I was cribbing about this same topic the other day I suddenly realized something....

I have lived in b'lore for most of my life...but still cant read Kannada properly...I dont watch Kannada movies and prefer to watch Tamil movies even though I dont understand the language properly.I tend to converse with my friends in English and Hindi even though all of us know all this makes me a hypocrite right.

I do know my heart's in the right place but what right do I have to talk about this topic when I dont practice what I preach...guess thats why the saying goes "if you point your finger at someone, you have four fingers pointing back at you"!!!!

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