Friday, January 19, 2007


I was just thinking (oh dont be shocked, I do think at times:):), anyways, this year is gonna be a very significant one in my life....the reason for it being within the next few months…I’m quitting my job, getting married n’ then relocating to the land Down Under:):).

When I think of all this, it's so overwhelming….leaving my job is a big decision for me…its not that I am satisfied by where I am right now…but the whole fact that for the next 4 months I won’t be getting a paycheck is scary. How will I go shopping????:):):) I need my share of retail therapy :):) [Well actually I do have the money to shop, but guess its time I reduce the number of visits I make to malls:):)]

Anyways, coming back to the topic….at times I feel that my whole life is just going…hmmm, what’s the right word here..lets see.. “ulta –pulta”:):):)
My friends advice me that it’s a good change and that I should stop making such a big deal out of it, but…. when I think of going away from my home, my parents, brother, family n friends…just going away from B'lore..makes me freak out:):)
Every time, anyone mentions about me going away I get all emotional :)…that just aint me:):)
I used to always threaten my brother that “Anna, you are so gonna miss me once I get married and go away” n now when I actually have to go away…I realize that I am so gonna miss him too, more than I ever thought I would :):) (oh, I cant believe I am saying this:):)

When I think clearly, I realize that I am just being stupid n’ that everything’s gonna be fine, C tells me it will :):), but the nervousness remains :):)…I know its gonna be great but I do wish that I dint have to leave B'lore…

The fact remains that I am happy n' I am looking forward for this new chapter of my life to begin.

So, since I cant afford a therapist I might as well give myself some advice…..“ D, Stop thinking n’ have fun..take it one day at a time and everything will be …JUST FINE:):)

Good Advice huh? all I need to do, is try to follow this advice:):):)


Kusum Rohra said...

Heh heh. Not to worry. No matter how urbane, mordern and all the jazzy a woman gets, a rich husband is still the best labour saving device ;)

Like you said me says too, enjoy the break, the shopping, the hoopla surrounding an Indian wedding should definitely keep you busy.

Will wait for reading more of this expedition you are on :)

Serenity now!

Anonymous said...

good cool ,everything is going to be fine in your life. you have a great future.

Anonymous said...

I like the rich husband part here:)

accidental diva said...

hey thanx Kusum..guess i am gonna just sit back and enjoy:):)

anonymous: :):):)

Siri said...

Oooh..all the best! And trust me there is nothing better than bullying hubby to loosen purse strings in a phoren land :)