Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Going Away.....

I was just trying on a few of my wedding jewellery today n suddenly ma n pa were on the verge of tears....was such a weird feeling to see them get so emotional.
Since the day my wedding got arranged (yup, it is a arranged marriage with my stamp of approval ofcourse:):):)) I always wondered if I could live away from my family.

This thought kinda slipped my mind during in the last few days, but now that the date's fixed n I know that there’s only a few months to go....I am terrified....terrified about leaving my family, the people that mean the most in my life.

Today when my parents teared up, I cracked a joke n well just managed to make everyone laugh...but what am I gonna do when I’m standing in the airport, telling my goodbye’s not knowing when I would see them next????

I know I will miss them lots…n suddenly I'm wishing that C was here n not so far away :(:(


Jyothsna said...

Hi! its my first time here. Like your way of writing, simple and down to earth.:) Perfectly understand your fears, its something all of us go thru'.....Cheer up!:)

Siri said...

Hey Diva...dont worry Mr.Time gets you used to everything. Pretty soon you will be looking forward to those early morning or late night voice chat sessions with your parents. Webcams make it even better. But, be nice to them now coz you might feel bad abt shouting at them later (experience speaks). And all those lovely phases when you meet up with them and chat into the wee hours of the night. Its gng to be fun gal!

Kusum said...

Not to worry. I am sure you will miss your parents a lot, but look at the other side :) they will be happy pappy when they become grand parents :D

Ooops er that may take few years :)

accidental diva said...
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accidental diva said...

@jyothsna: thanx:)

@ Siri: Ya i know what u mean, end up losing my temper so frequently, gotta stop it now n am sure it will be fun:):)

@Kusum: lol,oh yes...there's a loooong time to go for that gal:):):)