Monday, April 30, 2007

Hey, I just wrote a post!!!

S, my really good friend, just commented on one of my post, well actually she kinda scolded me but the whole reason why I am writing this post is cause S's comment made me go all senti!!! The reason for this is----
S n I started writing our individual blogs on the very same day...Aug 30 2006 n' most of our post's were written during office hours:):):)
(Ok people, before you judge us...we both were really fast workers...that’s the reason we had time to write posts during office hours, ok!!!:):):)

This is how most of our blog related conversations went....

S--"Hey D, what are you typing in so furiously??
D--"Just typing a post babe"
S--"Oh ok”

After maybe a few minutes...
D--"Hey babe, all done with the post:):)"
S--"ok, will just check it out"

After another few minutes
S--"Hey, just commented on your post:)"
D--"Oh what did you write now!! :):)" n would then proceed to read the comment

N’ vice versa:):):)

Every other day one of us would discover something new about Blogger n' inform the other our blogs kinda grew up together:):)

Anyways..S got married a few days ago n has moved to the USA… I no longer can just call out to S, across the room n tell her "hey, I just wrote a post":(:(

Missin’ u gal!!!!

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temporary insanity said...

i so know what u r saying!!i wrote a ew one yesterday, and u weren't there to turn around and say "dee, i wrote somethin" !!:(