Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I Feel Good:):)

Just read thru some of my previous posts...n man I sound depressed:)....think I’m gonna blame it totally on my insomnia:)...No sleep=grumpy, depressed dee:)

So have decided to focus on the good thing that’s happened to me in recent times.....something I am really excited not the wedding...everyone knows I am excited about that...this is something I have been trying to do unsuccessfully for the past year......
"I'VE LOST WEIGHT:):):):)"

Oh yes I am one those unlucky ones who ended up gaining tons of weight as soon as I finished up with college....Guess it was just bad luck( lol..I could never call myself lazy:):):)

Was real thin during my 5 years in hostel, no matter what I ate, I never seemed to gain weight so when I got back home...I binged as usual n ended up becoming a fat lazy bum:):)!!!! I did go thru' a little bit of a bad phase then n all that just led to more binging :):)

I am tall....n even after gaining nearly 10kgs( which made me around 60 odd kgs), I was still well within the acceptable height weight ratio....but since I have a round face(the bane of my life:):) I guess I just looked round:)

Anyways things came to a head when my friends n folks started exclaiming about the weight I had gained.....this led to further eating!!! I did try a few things like aerobics (which failed due to my work hrs) n dieting(which failed cause I like food too much:):)

Finally a few months ago I got my wake up call when I saw a few of my photos taken at a function…I looked terrible!!! N if that wasn’t enough I also realized how lethargic I had become…that’s when I decided that I had to do something about this matter.

So, I started walking….n think that was the best thing I did. I would go for morning walks with my dad n everyday after lunch, S n I would go for a walk for 20 minutes. I made it a point to take the stairs wherever I went. Instead of giving up on food I just reduced the quantity of food I ate n made it a point to have my dinner by 8… forward to 3 months later n I was already feeling lighter n everyone had started to notice a difference:):)
Right now, I have pretty much lost all the weight I had gained :):) It’s a different matter my face is still as round as ever…lol, but that cant be helped unless I visit a plastic surgeon, (which according to me is the worst decision anyone could ever make:)

Its been a few months since I went on my morning walk now…but the weight loss hasn’t stopped :):) maybe its ‘cause I eat healthy nowadays (if you discount the few ice creams n cakes I indulge in:):) n all the wedding running around seems to be helping too :):)

I feel good!!:):) n am pretty proud of myself:):)
Give yourself a pat on the back dee!!!


Little Miss Muffet said...

wow..that's great..i've always believed that walking is the best exercise..good to know that ur getting results...:)

accidental diva said...

Than xfor visiting my blog muffet:)...yup walking sure is the best idea!

Just a grail said...

Good for you! I am in the process of trying to eat better and walk to get rid of the weight I have gained in the last couple of years! This was inspiration!

(Thanks for checking out my blog,and for wishing my son a happy B'day!!)

karmickids said...

You sound just like me girl. I too had a round face, which I presumed was the main reason I always looked overweight, but now that the years have made the cheeks sink in, I know the fat has just migrated to the butt...all the best with the weight loss project...knowing one looks good always makes us feel good too...