Friday, May 04, 2007


lol..think the title of the post says it all ...I'm so tired of this whole "bride to be" bit... yes I am excited n I know its a big deal...but stil!!!

Everyone I know n dont know has a piece of advice for me....
"Dont go out in the sun"
"Oh use turmeric n milk cream"
"U shud start going to the parlour more often now"
"U shud tie your hair up for the function"
basically...I have someone or the other telling me what to do, wear, eat............

Ok Ok...I know they are trying to help...but seriously, people I have a mind...I think I can make a decision myself...n when I need help, will just ask for your help then!!!:):)
Am sure my relatives must be cribbing about how irritable I am...but then everyone has a limit of tolerance. I have tried smiling n giving witty replies...but now I seem to be at my wits end:):)

This whole "getting married" buissness is already pretty stressful ...tons of decisions to make n it doesnt really help when people just end up giving you few more ideas:):)

Think as the title of my post goes...I'm very soom gonna become Bridezilla:):):)...u know, what godzilla would have been if she was getting married!!!!:):):)

PS: Silly question----is godzilla male or female???:):)


Smi said...

Guess everyone's trying their bit to keep u away from the cold feet!
So just relax, and as for the uncalled for advice, remember there are two ears on the same axis and there's an imaginary hollow pipe connecting the two!:)

temporary insanity said...

hey, i know exactly what u r saying, i was on the same side only until a week ago... but u know what, u realise they all mean good(interfering gud) but none the less good.... u just need to smile and take it in, and throw it out in the same go! soon u'll become a maestro at that. so keep the chin up honeybuns... u'll be ok!!!

Orchid said...

Oh boy!!
But marriage really is in the air..two of my friends are gettign married, infact one is gettign married in Bangalore as we speak :)
Remember to have fun through it...that's the msot important part :)

accidental diva said...

ya well I am trying but that hollow pipe also seems to be clogged up with the unwanted advice nowadays:):)

@ TI
ya babe, think I am relying on ur experience quie a lot:):)

oh it is the wedding season...have tons of friends getting married too:)n I am having fun..even though I tend to rant:):)

serendipity said...

:) Oo lala ! Congrats!