Monday, May 07, 2007

Life's good:):)

I just got back home after the most horrible bus journey from Mangalore. First of all the stupid ticket agent managed to mix up our bookings n so we had to change 2 buses. Finally when we did get into the right bus, ended up getting the most horrible seats n if that wasnt enough the damn ac was so cold...I literally froze my *#$@ off!!!

Got home all upset today morning n checked my emails as usual...n well my mood kinda changed after that:):):) Its always nice to have lots of emails indicating someone's missin' you, right:):):), looks like life is good after all:):)


temporary insanity said...

hey dee
do u remember that god awful bus journey from chennai to b'lore??? and then the one from m'lore to b'lore the last time we went??? rwlotf...:)(hope i got that rite)

Orchid said...

:)...good for you!