Monday, May 14, 2007

Love You, Ma:)

Dear Mom,

I know for sure that u deserve better than the two lazy kids u have been blessed with (u see its a blessing thats very well disguised:):):)...even if we dont say it often enough, anna n I truely appreciate everything you do.

Love you always
your kids:)

PS: You are my inspiration, my idol n one day in life I wish I could be just like u...which includes being as slim as u:):):)


Little Miss Muffet said...

heheh..being slim is definitely one of the things i'd like to inherit from my mom far, no luck though :(

Andrew The Asshole said...

Gotta love moms they're the greatest!!!

Orchid said...

hey I am late! but that was a sweet tribute! :)

accidental diva said...

Muffet-oh even i havnt been successful in becomin' as slim as mom yet...but then I live in hope:):) day, or sure)

Andrew-yup, mom's rock..
thanx for droppin by..n I must say..interesting blog name:):)

Orchid- as they say..better late than never, right!!

Siri said...

hiya...nice...again, what did u do to ur mom that u r making up to? ;))

karmickids said...

Yup, the slim bit, for me too....

accidental diva said...

siri- lol..have done too many things that i have to make up for..dont think this post is enough:)..n welcome back!!

Karmickids- oh looks like the younger generation is on the fater side, lol:)