Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I watched "Mungaaru Maale"- a kannada movie today...n its totally worth a watch!!

Not only is it a well made movie, the music is really good n the locations are just awesome:):)

So wanted to visit coorg, sakleshpur n jog falls after watching this movie...think I should plan a family trip soon, am sure my parents would love the place :):)


Smi said...

Came here thru Deeeps' blog..U come across as a very bubbly and vivacious person, going by the number of smileys you use in every post!:)
I've heard abt this movie from all quarters, but never been able to get a ticket @ PVR so far!:( The movie's still making waves after 100 days of release or am I just too sluggish in buying a ticket?:-P

Orchid said...

first time here! and i find another fellow kannadiga, nice!
thanks for the movie recommendation....i am always on the look out for good kannada movies :)

accidental diva said...

Smi: thanx for visiting my blog..n well I do smile a lot n end up using smilies when I write:):)(see there I go again!!!)
n the movie is running housefull...I went on a weekday n the theater was jam packed.

Orchid: Thanx for visiting my blog n do watch the movie..I'm sure u will like it.