Sunday, April 15, 2007

Wish list:)

Have been ill for the past few days...n well am just so bored sitting at home. So as they say, idle mind, devils workshop!!....I got thinking about stuff I have always wanted!! Yup I am pretty materialistic u see :):)... so thought I would make a wish list....a wish list of all the materialistic, luxury items I want....make it easy for my family n friends to get me gifts(...see how considerate I am!!!:):) lol, though I am sure, none of then could actually afford to buy me some of the items on the list:):):) prblem in hoping:):)

Oh yes let me begin my list with a non selfish, very commonly wished for item....
WORLD PEACE:):):)...ok, I aint a Miss World contestant...but I really do want world peace...believe me people:):):)...stop laughing!!!!

Ok..have to begin my list with the most important requirement. According to me, no one can have enough of this.........CLOTHES!!!! I am not much of a brand long as I feel that the particular outfit looks good, I don’t care where I buy it from:)...n if there is a bargain or a sale...well god help me, cause I sure cant resist them:):)

BOOKS: another obsession...I could spend hours reading(nope not textbooks...novels:):) I still remember plots, characters n all the twists in all my favorite books!!! I prefer buying the second hand ones....that way,not only do I save money...think I also save a book!!!

SHOES n BAGS: haven’t really got too many of shoes...though my mom would beg to differ:):) every time I get myself a new pair, mom threatens to beat me up with the same:):):)lol
Would love to learn how to walk on stilettos...but for the time being think I will stick to my trusted pair of flats :):)..N bags, now this I have a lot!!!!
At least some day I would love to have a pair to match every outfit I, I can just imagine the look on my parents n C's face when they read this :):):)

THE BEST STEREO SYSTEM EVER: music is a big part of my this is just the most basic requirement for me :):)

A 40" FLAT SCREEN PLASMA TV:..I am movie buff...the kind of person who will watch a Ukrainian movie, with no subtitles:):) n the best part I even remember plots of almost all the movies I have watched till date!! How I wish I could say the same about the course of the maxillary artery, cant remember a word of my anatomy text book :):):)
There's nothing better than to sit at home, with a bowl of popcorn n watch a movie...n what joy it is to watch this on an awesome big screen TV right!!!
(Yup I wish list sure is getting expensive huh??? well there’s still to come :):) on :)

SUV: yup, kinda fascinated by these vehicles for sometime now....I aint much of a driver, n still can’t reverse very well (shameful na!!!)...but I know that one day, for sure I will have be driving a SUV n totally enjoying it!!! Yup this wish is coming true, for sure!!! :):)

PAINTINGS: I have been fascinated with art forever now...nope, I don’t claim to understand the so called ‘modern art’, but I do appreciate it n want to own at least one Ravi Verma n Anjolie Ela Menon painting sometime in life.
JEWELLERY: i love simple jewellery n ofcourse junk jewllery..beads n strings n shells...everything:):)Have atleast 4 boxes full of junk n I absolutely love them.
Well diamonds are a requirement...but then silver n beads r super cool too!!
There's still a lot more to come....just can't remember them right now:):)


Deeps said...

Is this huggggge wish list a big hint to your fiance'?? :-D.

accidental diva said...

Lol...never though of it in this way...but now:)...think I should make him read this...what say???:):):)

Deeps said...

I actually think you should ;-).