Saturday, April 07, 2007


Is it only me or have you people too noticed the increase in the no. of anti ageing creams in the market??? n the crazy part...these creams are all for women...nope not a single cream for why is that???Dont men get wrinkles...dont they grow "OLD" too???

If you have seen one of the million ads for these anti-ageing creams, all these ladies claim that their husbands find them more attractive, just cause their wrinkles reduced.!!!!!.....what a standard right:):)

If that man needs to you to loose a few wrinkles to find you attractive...think its time you lost that man:):):) hopefully in the khumb ka mela:):):)

Oh buy the creams.....but why the whole hoopla about that stupid "old "husband of yours finding you attractive???? Use it to feel good about yourself....n for no other reason.

Whats so wrong with becoming one can stay forever young enjoy it.

Ya ,ya, I a little young to be giving advice(in the sense I have a few more years to go before I think of wrinkles:) , but then it is my blog right!!!!:):):)


Deeps said...

I concur! In US its crazy, you don't even get a "normal" cream/lotion most places for your face. Its always anti-age, anti-wrinkle and what not! I don't know why this obsession over getting older! After all, its a natural process, accept it and move on :-p.

Biju said...

do you know what? that's the marketeers at work. I am not sure husbands even really care about the wrinkles cos, at the risk of sounding sexist, most men don't care a heck about looks. until now. Now the marketing wheel is turning to turn us men into metrosexuals. I sincerely hope they don't succeed. :)