Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Places to go, Sights to see---1

Disclaimer...this post is the result of watching too many travel shows n reading too many lonely planet guide books:):)

I have always dreamt of visiting every place possible in India n abroad, of exploring little streets, eating all the local delicacies (as long as it isn’t anything creepy crawly...or brinjal:):)

My favorite channels would have to be Discovery Travel and Living just because of the amazing line up of travel shows..have always envied the anchors...well who wouldn’t right:)

I'm forever reading up (lonely planet), on all places possible collecting info as if I will be going there sometime soon:):) harm in being prepared right....what if I win a lottery or if I just get noticed in the mall by some director n' am asked to host some travel, ya I know will happen the same day aliens takeover earth or when Salman does a whole movie with his shirt on:):):)

Just pack my bags n go......god that would be so cool:):) n impossible. Think I am to be blamed 'cause regardless of all my plans I am a procrastinator...I always keep things for tommoro:):) n of course I don’t have the money too, damn those shopping malls!!:)

So anyways, the only traveling I have done is to a few beautiful places in South India n to a few places in Southeast Asia. Now I have this ever growing list of places I want to visit.

In India:

Rajasthan: I am a very colourful person...n don’t think there is any place in India with so much of colour. In particular I want to visit Udiapur, Bikaner, Mount Abu and Jaisalmer. Those sand dunes, colourful outfits the dances...everything sounds so beautiful.

Punjab: Want to go to the golden temple @ Amritsar. Wanna do the bhangra with the people there n ofcourse wanna eat those yummy parathas n tandoori chicken ( ya ,ya its avialable everywhere...but comeone I'm sure it tastes different in Punjab!!!):):)

Shillong: "The scotland of the east"--had some juniors @ our college from here n they forever told me that the place was amazing.

Himachal pradesh: Kulu Manali, Shimla, Chamba...all these beautiful places are in Himachal. I also have an obsession with snow...the only snow i have seen till now was @snow world , Genting and Hyderabad:):)...I need to see real snow people!!!

Darjeeling, Leh Ladak: Snow being a major factor here :):)

Kolkata: The sweets....isn't it reason enough!!! lol, but seriously I would love to go here during the Durga puja...have seen it on TV n have been totally intrigued by the festivities.

Pondicherry: yup shameful na, but never got a chance to visit pondi. Think I shud plan a trip soon.

Also want to go to
Khajuraho, Daman n Diu, Dwarka, Srinagar, I told the list is endless:):):) be continued

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