Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It’s been long since I wrote a post...I've even managed to get complaints from my friends about neglecting my blog :):)

Well life sure has changed...it sounds so weird but becoming a good cook seems to be one of the main priorities in life right now:):)...I'm forever asking mom to send me recipes or reading cooking blogs:):)
This coming from a gal who used to refuse to enter the kitchen!!!!

I had actually considered "Undomestic Godesss" as the best name for my blog when I started writing it around a year ago!!! Its a good thing I decided against it!!

Well guess it helps if u have a hubby who loves to eat!!..C sure has enjoyed everything I have prepared till date..I swear..you can ask him if u want:):)

Having worked right from when I finished college sitting at home n doing nothing sure is something new for me...I read, I watch TV, I watch movies, I study.....sometimes:):), I clean...n' I cook:):)...
Think I appreciate all that my mom does as a homemaker more n more each day!!!!.
It sure isn’t an easy job!!!!
I've been eating like crazy..this has to be the other disadvantage of being jobless!!

Other than getting all house-wifey:)...I have been around Melbourne a little bit.
I recently visited this gold mine ...yup I even looked for gold, but as usual I wasn’t lucky enough to find any:) though the place was really great!!They took us down to the gold mines n the train ride thru' it sure was fun. Even learnt about melting gold n dropped my jaw when I saw this big block of gold...oh well!!!!

Anyways.....the weather’s clearing up...the sun's shining n I think its time I take my daily walk/explore the neighborhood :)…
So toodles darlin's….will hopefully have something more interesting to write about soon:)


Pointblank said...

made a nice read

Nags said...

nice :)

since you are into cooking these days, maybe you can also check out my cooking blog at www.cookingandme.blogspot.com

Tell me what you think :)

Kay said...

Babes!I just saw ur new pics on orkut and guessed u must have written in....finally!!Was kinda missing ur posts!Nice read.U sure u didnt find any gold??The pan was sparkling!

Little Miss Muffet said...

undomestic goddess would be a tag that could apply to me as well..i don't enjoy cooking but thankfully i cook decent and sometimes really good food...i'm forever trying out new stuff so that cooking doesn't bore me...have fun staying at home while it lasts..once u get back to work, u'll miss it..