Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I'm ill!!!

ok ok..that sure ain't a nice beginning for a post:(:(

Poor C has had to take care of the cranky me for the past 2 days..n believe me..even I dont like myself when I'm ill:):)
I suddenly turn into this needy,cranky,absolutely emotional idiot..and even if its just the flu I act as if I'm on my deathbed!!!:)

C has a day off 2moro..n I had all these plans of going out..but I dont see that happening now:(:(

Oh god...I sound like a cry baby.....I hate being ill!!!

PS: If C knows that I'm writting a post instead of sleeping..I'll never hear the end of this!! but I'm so bored of sleeping n taking tablets!!


Little Miss Muffet said...

get well soon :) i can understand how it's difficult to stay away from blogging..:)

Pointblank said...

Aw! hope u get well soon..

I would like to add ur blog to my list. Hope u wouldn mind.

Kay said...

hey D,Poor C!Get well soon dear.Or are u already feeling well?since I'm sooo late in writing in.