Thursday, August 30, 2007

Party Time:)

I hope everyone's got their party hats on...Ok now sing along with me...
"Happy birthday to u...Happy birthday dear blog…
Happy birthday to u!!!:):)"

Yup its been one whole year since I started writing my blog...its been a year of change for me n’ am glad I had a blog to document most of the good..n’ few of the bad things that happened to me:):)

FLASHBACK….Aug 30 2006

The Characters:
S- My great friend, colleague n' fellow blogger
D- the vey intelligent, smart, good looking…….ok ok..D is none other then your truely:)

The Scene: Absolutely bored S n' D surfing the net. Suddenly the intelligent smart, goodlooking …D has a brilliant idea

D: 'Hey S lets start a blog…. '
S: 'What???' **n' gives me the 'you are crazy' look that she reserves for me**
D: 'Ya babe…I’m so bored, lets start a blog.'
S: looking excited ‘Super, lets do it’
**ok, these might not be the exact words used..but you get the idea right**

And that is how the two brilliant bangaloreans ventured into the world of blogging:)

Initially I kept my blog a secret and the only one who read it was S. We would be the only ones commenting on each other’s blog **this topic has been blogged about here:)**.

I spent all my free time at office :):) n at home reading n' writing posts....I was addicted!!!

About a month n' a half into blogging I decided to go know what I mean..I told my parents about my addiction!!!! I'm sure they were glad to know that their daughter wasn’t a closet alcoholic or gambler **like that was possible with a salary I earned :):)**

Lol… anyways coming back to the PRESENT

I don’t think I would have continued writing if I did not have you folks, my fellow bloggers who drop by ever so often to share your thoughts, give some valuable advice when I’m down n of course to share my happiness every time something good happens to me:):)...thank you everyone....**guess I better stop before this sounds like an Oscar acceptance speech..what say??:)**

But seriously, being a part of this blogger family has been simply super:):)

So Happy bday again dear blog…n' I sure an looking forward to the next bday!!!
Time to pop the champagne n party.....Cheers everyone!!

PS: September has a few more bdays’s that need to be celebrated…so hang on to your party hats still have lots of singing to do:):)

PPS: Thank for not pointing out to the million spelling n' grammatical mistakes in my posts…I will try harder in the future… continue dropping by y’all!!


Life Rocks!!! said...

Hmm... I kind of like this feeling.. And as for the Hindi poem was just trying out blogging in Hindi so just tried how it would turn out to be...Don't get wrong ideas...Nothing special happening ;)

Deeps said...

Congratulations to you and a very happy birthday to your blog :).

Deeps said...

BTW I finally completed the tag you assigned me. Check it out here :).

Kay said...

hmm...'appy birthday Dee's blog,if it wasnt for u,I wudnt have been a blogger!So thanks for being my inspiration n long live!

temporary insanity said...

hey dee, has it really been a year??i never realised, my poor neglected blog dint even get a yappy birthday :(. may be i will celebrate it's second year next year!would you please remind me earlier so i don't forget ;)

temporary insanity said...

hey dee, has it already been a year?? my poor blog dint even get a yappy birthday from me :(. may be will celebrate it next year, would you be kind enough to remind me ;)

Little Miss Muffet said...

happy b'day to ur blog! :)

Life Rocks!!! said...

Hey you are tagged.. Refer for details

Jeevan said...

Hi Deepti,congrats on yr 1st annv of bloggin!Wel I always considered myself hard 2 please.But wit yr simple & realistic thoughts penned so beautifullly,u seem 2 hv done just dat!Impressed me totatlly wit yr way of words & not 2 mention yr chweet snaps!Gud luk n Godbles.....pray many more like yr tribe r made.....cheers

yrs..Big fan.........