Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Its been a long time since I logged onto my blog...reason..I've just been plain lazy!!:)
I've wanted to write so many things but just kept putting it off to 2moro...thank god..that 2moro is finally here:):)

So let me begin by wishing everyone a Very Very Happy New Year.May this year bring loads of laughter and happiness into you lives.

I don't usually believe in making resolutions....but then sometimes even perfection can be improved on---what say?:):)

So here are my resolutions for 2008----

1. Lose weight, get fit.

2. Start studying seriously, ace my exams.
3. Be more optimistic,stop worrying about what could have been..the past is the past!!!
4. Take time to paint,draw more often.
5. Listen-Learn!!!----everything that interests me-art,dancing,music,cooking.
6. Travel more--visit as many places as possible.
7. Read more books, blog more often:)
8. Believe in myself----Mind over matter!!
9. Work towards the dream I've always had for myself--be the successful person I want to be!!!
10. Remember to appreciate what I have more often:)

I once read in one of the many chicken soup books that I have that penning down your goals makes it more feasible to achieve lets see what happens!!!

Have a lovely year ahead everyone!!!!


Thinking aloud said...

That's a good start, penning it down...
hope you get all of them!!! :)

here's to a great new year!!!

Soul said...


Thats lots of resolutions to follow......

Asha said...

Happy new year to you!:))

Life Rocks!!! said...

Best of luck with those resoultions..Happy New Year

temporary insanity said...

one at a time at a time...:)

Siri said...

It looks like your last yaer's list to me :p
Happy Neuya. May you write a chicken soup soul book!