Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I have an exam next month n' as usual I've managed to leave everything to the last minute:)
I am just such an expert in procrastination!!! Cartoon from

and before anyone complains that I should be studying and not blogging..well, I agree:):)
I am just here to request all my fellow bloggers to please add this particular sentence in their daily prayer... "Dear lord, please help dee pass her exams!!!"

I know you guys wont let me down...thank you so much:):) N' now I will get back to my books!!

Will be back as soon as the exams are done...ta ta:)


Asha said...

Best of luck to you, study hard. I am sure you will do well!:)))

Pointblank said...

good luck! be done with ur exmas n blog more often! the rescue said...

all the best dee...definitely in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

in my prayers too:)___C

Kay said...

Dee's back awright(to be sung to the tune of Backstreet's Back...sorry cudnt resist!)Good luck babes,I'm sure u'll do very well.Dont worry 'bout a thing.