Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy New year

Its been 3 months since I wrote a post..the reason being a mix of two things..studies n' laziness!!!

Anyways,I'm back now..I dont know for how long..but I promise to write atleast one post a month!!

Also..hold your breath.... I plan to start writting a "COOKING BLOG" very soon!!!No..dont faint,u heard right..for all of u who knew me in a different era,when I hated doing anything domestic,well u should meet me now:):)

Presently I'm on the lookout for the perfect eveyone waiting for my delicious week should mark the beginning of a whole new experience for your palates n' taste buds:):) u can see,I could not afford a PR agency to hype my new blog,so decided to do it myself:):)I'll be back soon with the link for the cooking blog..untill then..have a super duper year everyone..muah!!:)


Rups said...

Cant wait to see the new blog :) ....happy new year to you too

Sonu said...

do let me know wen u start ur cooking blog...wud love to read it