Monday, February 09, 2009

It has been a very sad few days here in Victoria..the bush fires have been relentless n' more than a hundred odd people have lost their lives.
Personally this tragedy struck me even more when I watched the news report on Marysville,a beautiful country town about 11/2 hr drive from Melbourne city.

C n' I had visited this place about 6 months ago n' absolutely loved...a small town with a lot of character, it was one of those places where you could forget all your tensions and just relax!!We could not visit all the touristy areas around Marysville and had planned to make a trip to this scenic and peaceful location sometime this year...but it wasn't ment to be.
After the bush fires all that is remains of this once beautiful place is rubble n' burnt remains of the once thriving town!!

Its a very sad situation, I pray for everyone affected by the bush fires n request everyone to help in any way possible.
For those who want to help, please visit THE AUSTRALIAN BUSH FIRE APPEAL by the RED CROSS.

The first 2 photos were taken by us when we visited Marysville.The rest of the photos are of what remains today of this beautiful little town.
The building next to the lolly shop used to be a pub with a bike theme..the owner a lady from the USA had the most amazing collection of license plates.Now its all gone!!

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Asha said...

I saw those on TV, so sad. Be safe there!