Thursday, September 20, 2007

Food, glorious Food!!:) Goli Baje

Cooking was something I was never interested in....during my hostel stay, when my friends cooked..I would opt for the job of cleaning up!!!

At home I usually managed to escape from taking any responsibility in the kitchen.
Whenever mom wondered what I would do once I got married, my standard answer was.."Ma, there’s always ready to eat stuff!!:)"

Well I did get married, married to a man who enjoys eating n' is a good cook himself!!:):)

So after a lot of trepidation I did start cooking n' as it turns out..I seem to be pretty good at it!!:)

Now my main help in providing recipes has of course been my MOM...she is an amazing cook..n' I usually compare the taste of whatever I cook with her cooking (some how I always fall short...guess I'll need to have years of experience to cook like her:))

The second biggest help has been FOOD BLOGS. I seriously think these people who write blogs, explaining every single detail of a recipe..posting photos..they are such a big help to a beginner like me!!!

One of the food blog I frequent is Foodie's Hope written by Asha. Recently I came across her post about "RCI KARNATAKA". her write up about Karnataka n' all the different varieties of food she mentioned in her post...had me get all nostalgic and hungry:):)

So then n' there I made up my mind to post something for this event.Well turns out making up my mind was easy..but deciding what to cook was difficult!!!!I knew I did not want to make anything after a lot of thinking I decided on making one of my favorite snack----Goli Baje:)

For those of you who don’t know I'm a Mangalorian...n' while we do have some amazing varieties of food..Goli Baje has to be one of my all time favorites. Mom used to surprise us by
making it when we got back from college/work n' everyone always loved it.
Well as it turns out C loves having them without further ado, presenting my entry for RCI Karnataka....(drum roll for my first food related post please.......)

GOLI BAJE (recipe courtesy mom)

Maida/plain flour--1 cup
Buttermilk or Yoghurt--1/2 cup
Besan/gram flour--1 1/2tsp
Sugar-- 1 tsp
Green Chillies--4-5, finely chopped
Baking Soda-- 1/4 tsp
Ginger-- small piece, finely chopped
Curry leaves-- few nos
Salt to taste
Oil for deep frying

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl to make a thick paste.
Keep it cover for about 1-2 hours. according to mom, the more time you keep it for, the better the Goli Baje's turn out:)
Heat the oil in a kadai
Drop the mixture little by little into the hot oil, you can either do it by hand or use a spoon.
Fry the Goli Baje's untill they turn golden brown.
Remove and drain the oil using a tissue.

Now the best accompaniment for Golibajes will be usually served it with coriander chutney.
And don’t forget to have becha kapi( which means hot coffee in tulu) with this...its just the best combination ever!!:):)

This photo does not do justice to how tasty the goli baje's turn folks do try this recipe,its super simple n tasty!!!!

PS: I still cant believe that I..the girl who hated to even enter the kitchen is posting a recipe..even if its the simplest recipe ever. Mom will be so proud of me!!!!lol


JugHead said...

Good blog. I like it.

Asha said...

YAY!! Atleast I got you into your kitchen willingly thru' this RCI K!!;D
Looks yummy, we used to buy these in little restaurants in Bantwal when I was about 12! Love them.Thanks for taking time and thank your mom for me for the recipe!:))

Kay said...
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Kay said...
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Pointblank said...

hey... posts like these are sure an encouragement to kitchen-phobiacs like moi. A consolation tat its never too late to learn cooking. And anything on food is welcome. Always :)

musical said...

Hey dear, first time on your blog. Really cute one! you know what, i made some goli baje for RCI too :-D. Aren't these great! Your Mom's recipe surely looks great! I'll be posting by the weekend.

Kay said...

Oki,I did a bit if editing for u!!!Heehee,u still havent told me if 1 n 1/2 tsp besan's enough.I think it's a lil more than that.Havent tried it out yet.
start working on ur tag NOW!

Unknown said...

Have been a silent reader of your blog.Love your write up.golibaje is our favourite too.

Keshi said...

I love all spicey food send em in :)


Unknown said...

That sounds to be a real tempting recipe.
It has been quite a 'Kitchen savvy' week for me as well.Check out my latest recipe post on my blog :

Lovely blog with ineresting and colourful posts.
Shall drop by to read your site often:)

Anonymous said...

hi deepti, thanks for the goli baje receipe,mine dosnt turn out well, though i crave for it,will defntly try your receipe,dint know that gram flour had to be added.thanks deepti